Orbital Africa has been in fore-front in providing unmatched and reliable drone mapping and consultancy services in Africa that meet the clients' needs at minimal cost.

1. Orbital Africa

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) popularly known as Drones have become proven technology in the sphere of Aerial Mapping and Survey. The use of Drones or UAVs and aerial mapping services are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for many Geospatial professionals and industries. As a premier Geospatial, Geomatics and GIS services provider, Orbital Africa is the leading land surveying and GIS Mapping company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and Branches in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Botswana and Ghana. Orbital ranks among the best in designing client tailored GIS database solutions, mapping, training and an array of professional services which provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability. Orbital offers an array of Geospatial solutions in areas that include: land and topographical surveying services, GIS mapping; Advanced GIS web mapping; Aerial, Drone Mapping and Survey; and remote sensing services; map production services; enterprise GIS solutions as well as 3D mapping. Orbital also sells drones such as eBee, Mavic, DJI Phantom 4 etc in Kenya and Africa at large.

Website: www.orbital.co.ke
E-mail: geo@orbital.co.ke
Telephone: +254 719 672 296

2. Microdrone Africa

Microdrone specializes in drone technology for low cost solutions in photography and film production, geospatial imaging, industrial+scientific research and public safety sectors. Microdrone is based in Nairobi and can support projects withing the African region. Low cost land and property survey, drone 3D RTK mapping, digital elevation models as well as visualizations with short processing times. If you are in need for a drone equipment for your project, then check out and select what you need from their drone equipment list. Microdrone employs software such as Pix4D, Drone deploy, Agisoft etc. in their UAV mapping operations.

Website: www.microdrone.co.ke
E-mail: fly@microdrone.co.ke
Telephone: +254 719 552 307

3. Astral Aerial

Astral Aerial Solutions is an affiliate of Astral Aviation, which is an established all-cargo airline with over 20 years of experience in operating within Africa. Astral offers drone services that provide a new dimension to logistics, aerial photography, aerial surveillance reconnaissance, inspections among other industries. Their extensive solutions are of high quality enabling us to provide premium services for our clients. Be it in delivering relief aid, fighting poaching to inspections of critical infrastructure, our drones provide a multitude of solutions people face every day. Their cargo drone has a payload capability of up to 2000kg, 1200 Km Range and flight time of up to 26 hours on surveillance mode. Their smaller drone is capable of 8 hours of flight carrying up to 4 Kg payload. These drones are suitable for Humanitarian cargo air transport, medical deliveries, Aerial mapping and imagery, Aerial Surveillance and Security, Agriculture, Oil and gas services, connectivity, emergency response among others.

Website: https://astral-aerial.com
E-mail: operations@astral-aerial.com
Telephone: +254 710 827 222

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